React and WebRTC 2023 & Sharing Location App with Video Cha

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React and WebRTC 2023 Sharing Location App with Video Chat

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Learn technologies like React, WebRTC (PeerJS) , SocketIO and Google Maps API by creating amazing project ,,GeoCall”. In this practical course we will jump straight to the code and explain all necessary things through the course. We will go through all of the steps to create application with possibility of sharing our location on the map with other users. We will create own PeerJS implementation to show how you can develop WebRTC application with direct calls.   After this course you will be able to create own application with Google Maps and calling functionality. You will know the process how to establish connection between peers.

In our application we will use:

   WebRTC (PeerJS)
   Google Maps API

We will create necessary UI with React and Google Maps and we will proceed with all of the logic related with SocketIO and WebRTC.

App creating process:

   Prepare environment
   Build frontend of our application with React
   Connect our Application with Google Maps
   Create chat functionality with SocketIO
   Create functionality to share with other users our location
   Connect own PeerJS Server
   Implement direct calls with PeerJS

I hope you will enjoy the course and after finishing it you will feel confident to create own application with Google Maps and chat functionality with direct calls.

Also you can find theory module about WebRTC if you would like to know more details what is going behind of implementation of PeerJS
Who this course is for:

   Students who want to learn how to create Sharing Location Application
   Students who want to create Realtime Application
   Students who want to know how to Create Video Chat
   Students who want to know how to create Chat Functionality


   Javascript and Basic React knowledge

Last Updated 2/2023

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