Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland-S01-Series 1--2023-BBC

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Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland - Series 1

Twenty-five years on from a peace agreement being reached, Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland shares intimate, unheard testimonies from all sides of the conflict. From the makers of the award-winning series Once Upon a Time in Iraq.

BBC (2023) - 5 Episodes


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It Wasn’t Like a Movie Anymore
1/5 When tensions between Protestants and Catholics explode, the British Army is deployed. (R)

Do Paramilitaries Lie Awake at Night?
2/5 A deeply segregated society emerges as the violence escalates.

So Many Broken Hearts
3/5 The impact of the hunger strikes is seen through the eyes of three women.

Loose Talk Costs Lives
4/5 Tensions rise as the police and army infiltrate paramilitary organisations.

Who Wants to Live Like That?
5/5 The desire for change propels the possibility of peace for the next generation.

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