Zombie 5: Killing Birds


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Zombie 5-Uccelli assassini (1987) ITA Ac3 2.0 BDRip 1080p H264 [ArMor]

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Zombie 5 - Uccelli assassini (1987) ITA Ac3 2.0 BDRip 1080p H264 [ArMor]

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  • A group of college students go into the woods to study birds. They encounter a strange blind man who's connected to the killer zombies that prowl a dilapidated house deep in the forest.

  • In Louisiana, a soldier returning from Vietnam finds his wife in bed with her lover and he kills them both as well as a couple of friends, but he is attacked by a bird and he loses his eyes. Years later, the bodies have not been found and the former soldier is now a bird specialist (Dr. Fred Brown) living in a house nearby the swamp. When a group of college students go to the swamp on an assignment to research a species of woodpecker that is almost extinct, they head to Dr. Brown's house to get some tips of how to find the rare bird. They drive through the swamp where they find the house where the murders happened and they decide to stay there. During the night, weird things happen. —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Scene #1

  • Paul
    I can tell you what our chances are without the fucking computer! None! We're fucked!

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