The Young Savages


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  • murder trial

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The Young Savages (1961)


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  • A district attorney investigates three white teenagers accused of murdering a blind Puerto Rican kid.

  • A district attorney investigates the racially charged case of three teenagers accused of the murder of a blind Puerto Rican boy. He begins to discover that the facts in the case aren't exactly as they seem to be. —Anonymous

  • After three teenage hoods stab blind Puerto Rican Roberto Escalante, assistant DA Hank Bell is tasked with prosecuting the case. He's looking for convictions for first degree murder for all three of the boys, even 15 year-old Danny DiPace, son of his old girlfriend, Mary DiPace. He grew up in the neighborhood and investigates the case with Lt. Gunderson. He learns that Escalante may have pulled a knife and was actually one of the leaders of the Puerto Rican gang that fought regularly with their Italian opponents. Bell's wife is upset at the prospect that he's seeking the death penalty for kids and he thinks she's just a liberal living in her own little perfect world. As he gathers more evidence however, he begins to see that it's all far more complex than it first appeared. He pursues justice in the case. —garykmcd


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Scene #1

  • Danny diPace
    Don't con me Mr. Bell. Bell! Your name's Bellini, and you're a wop just like me! What's a-matter, Mr Bellini, you're ashamed of being a wop?

Scene #2

  • Karin Bell
    Oh, by the way, your old girlfrient Mary diPace called today - twice. I referred her to your office. Did you talk to her?
  • Hank Bell
    I don't know what to say to her.
  • Karin Bell
    Oh, why don't you just tell her you're gonna burn her son - for old times sake.

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