The Shooting

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  • murdered with a gun

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  • acid western

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The Shooting (1966) [1080p]


The Shooting (1966)


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  • A mysterious woman persuades two cowboys to help her in a revenge scheme.

  • An ex- bounty hunter turned miner returns to his mine dig to find one of his partners dead, his brother has run away and the remaining partner who is slightly simple is unclear as to what happened. The brother and the dead partner got into some kind of trouble when they went to town. Gashade is enlisted by a mysterious women to take her across the desert. The woman keeps changing her mind about where she wants to go. On the journey they pick up a gunslinger the woman has hired. The party ends up tracking a rider who is ahead of them and Gashade figures out that the trip is really to hunt the rider. It's a long hot trip across the desert with a purposeful woman,a homicidal gunslinger, the former bounty hunter, his simple sidekick, a bearded stranger and the unknown quarry. —Prairiekid

  • Talked into leading a cryptic woman into the vast and unforgiving desert and a place called Kingsley, the former bounty hunter, Willett Gashade, and his uneasy friend, Coley, embark on an adventure to the unknown. Reluctantly, the men accept the mysterious woman's offer, and before long, they realise that the black-clad gunman, Billy Spear, is following them. Little by little, as Billy joins them, the ever-present feeling of malaise increasingly intensifies, as everything leads to an inevitable final confrontation. Is there an easy way out of this intricate trap? —Nick Riganas


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Scene #1

  • Coley
    I don't give a curly hair, yellow bear, double dog damn if ya did!

Scene #2

  • Billy Spear
    [Repeated line] You talkin' to me?

Scene #3

  • Coley
    [regarding Woman] You don't like her much, Will, do ya?
  • Willett Gashade
    She ain't showin' me nothin' to like.

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