The Next Karate Kid


  • 1990s

  • female protagonist

  • hawk

  • teenage girl

  • loss of parents





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The Next Karate Kid (1994) [1080p]



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  • Mr. Miyagi is back and he takes a new pupil under his wing: a troubled adolescent girl.

  • During a commemoration for Japanese soldiers fighting in the US Army during World War II, Mr. Miyagi meets the widow of his commanding officer. He gets to know her granddaughter Julie, an angry teenager who is still feeling the pain of losing both her parents in an accident and is having problems with her grandmother and her fellow pupils. Mr. Miyagi decides to teach her karate to get her through her pain and issues and back on the right path. —Matthias Scheler <[email protected]>

  • In honour of the Japanese-American veteran troopers who bravely fought during WWII, the sage Karate master, Mr Miyagi, travels to Boston to attend a ceremony. There, in this unlikely place, Miyagi is introduced to the 17-year-old troubled teenage girl, Julie, who is constantly angry at the world and her abusive schoolmates, still unable to come to terms with the untimely loss of her parents. But before long, Julie will become Miyagi's new pupil, hopeful of teaching the rebellious youngster the true meaning of karate and self-esteem, through the knowledge of self-defense and respect for all living things. Could Julie be the next Karate Kid? —Nick Riganas


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Scene #1

  • Miyagi
    Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land

Scene #2

  • Miyagi
    [after Julie succeeds in a task she found difficult] Congratulations, Julie-san.
  • Julie Pierce
    Congratulations? That's all you're gonna say is congratulations? Don't I get a belt or something?
  • Miyagi
    Buy belt more.
  • Julie Pierce
    No, I mean a karate belt. Brown belt, black belt.
  • Miyagi
    Why need belt?
  • Julie Pierce
    So everyone knows I'm good!
  • Miyagi
    You know you good. That important thing.
  • Julie Pierce
    Oh come on, even Elvis Presley got a black belt.
  • Miyagi
    Borrow from Elvis next time see him.

Scene #3

  • Miyagi
    Julie-san, fighting not good. But if must fight... win.

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