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  • A thick mist full of vengeful spirits haunts a prosperous island town off the coast of Oregon, as its inhabitants try to learn their town's dark secret in order to stop it.

  • The inhabitants of Antonio Island, off the coast of Oregon, are about to unveil a statue honoring the four men (Castle, Wayne, Williams and Malone) who founded their town in 1871. Nick Castle is one of the descendants of the men, and owns a fishing charter company, using his vessel, the Seagrass, for tourism. When his girlfriend Elizabeth Williams returns to the island after spending six months in New York, a bizarre series of events begin to occur, including several gruesome deaths and the presence of a mysterious fog. When Elizabeth slips in Nick's boathouse and falls into the sea, she finds an old journal from 1871, written by Patrick Malone, one of the town's founders. It tells how a man named Blake bought half the island for use as a leper colony. While bringing his people to Antonio Island in their clipper ship, the Elizabeth Dane, Blake is betrayed by Castle, Wayne, Williams and Malone. The four men locked Blake and his people in the vessel, stole their money and possessions, and then set fire to the ship, killing everyone aboard. In the present day, the ghosts of Blake and his crew have risen from their watery grave to seeking revenge on the descendants of the four men. —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Off the coast of Oregon, in the quiet coastal town of Antonio Bay, the residents are making preparations to celebrate the island community's centenary of its foundation. However, a perpetual injustice along with a terrible secret hidden deep within the town's roots will soon conjure up a cloak of a thick and livid mist which, gradually, envelops the town. Now--as hair-raising tales of ancient mariners, who were lost in the same waters, start to haunt the inhabitants--a buried, yet unforgotten thirst for revenge about the past's hideous crimes, stains the seaside village red. An entire century ago, a despicable act was committed. Now, the dreadful spirits of the dead have returned, craving retribution. Is there something evil hiding in the fog? —Nick Riganas

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