Sleepless Town


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  • Kabukicho is a forgotten world. A place where people of different tongues and races meet, where they fight against each other to gain money, power and territory. The struggle which never ends. Based on a dangerous love story which unfolds a dangerous town. —L.H. Wong <[email protected]>

  • Kenichi is a half-Japanese, half-Chinese man of the underworld. You can sell him anything except children's organs. His domain is in Kabukicho, a gangland controlled by various Shanghainese gangs intent on taking overall control. Things are calm, however, his former partner-in-crime, Fu-Chun, is rumored to have returned to Kabukicho, having fled years earlier after killing the number two to gangland boss, Yuan. Yuan wants to get even and attempts to do so by using Kenichi. Meanwhile, Fu-Chun's girlfriend, Natsumi Sato turns up to sell something to Kenichi. —Lester Mak

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