Love at the Christmas Table


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Love at the Christmas Table (2012) [1080p]


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  • A man realizes that his best friend since childhood is the woman that he loves.

  • Family friends Sam and Kat spend every Christmas Eve at the Children's Table. They grow up together, sharing the highs and lows of young adulthood. And at thirty, Sam realizes that Kat is the one...but he's afraid that the past will get in the way. —Anonymous

  • In this unusual Christmas romance story, spanning nearly 30 years and set over 14 non-consecutive Christmas Eve evenings, Kat Patton and Sam Reed are best friends whose fathers run a furniture making business in a small Illinois town. Every Christmas Eve, Sam's parents and Kat's widowed father gather with other employees and their families at Elissa Beth's house for their annual Christmas Eve dinner and every year Sam and Kat sit at the children's table. Each year, Kat and Sam grow close, then apart, and closer again as their different careers, views on life, and paths make them different to the changing world. After a five-year absence of not attending any Christmas Eve parties after a falling out with Kat, Sam decides to try to tell her about his feelings for her, but he only had one time to do so and will he make the right choice? —Larry B.

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