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  • Corrupt officers track men for sport with dogs.

  • Julian Taylor, a Marine veteran and former middleweight boxing champion, loses control in a bar fight and ends up serving time for aggravated assault in Retrieve Prison. Soon after his arrival, Julian is introduced to Captain Brown, a menacing, overbearing guard who tags him "dogboy" and orders him to a claustrophobic dormitory called the doghouse. There, Julian meets fellow inmate Willy Owens and learns that the prison's vicious attack dogs are used to catch and kill escaping prisoners. There's more: With Captain Brown as their leader, a secret society of hunters uses the prison dogs to hunt inmates for sport and money. When Willy finds out, he attempts to recruit Julian as a potential ally, but not knowing that Willy is an undercover cop, Julian refuses to get involved. Eventually, Willy finds the evidence he needs to expose the scandal, but before he can act, he's savagely attacked and killed by Captain Brown's dog. Now, Julian and Willy's former colleague, Assistant D.A. Jennifer Dern, must work together to finish what Willy started. But as they prepare to blow the lid off this dark and dirty blood sport, they find out that they're next to be hunted. —Echo Bridge Home Entertainment


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Scene #1

  • Captain Robert Brown
    [Gunning down the warden] You shot my dog

Scene #2

  • J.B. Diggs
    Do you know what you are? A fucked up guard who kills cons? You maybe able to get away with that in Australia... but not over here

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