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Zoo Tycoon 2 sets in motion the excitement, challenges, and fun of building the most innovative zoo; with 30 animals in detail, with more fun animations, a wide variety of tools and construction objects such as themed installations, pits, photographer-mode options, plus the option to change terrain and rivers without problem. The game possibilities have been improved compared to the original title through zoom mode and 3D graphics with which the player can follow the action and build more creative zoos.

It is as easy to start as to play. With Zoo Tycoon 2 players are quickly prepared, immersed and interacting with animals and the zoo. Thanks to intuitive controls and fun tutorials, players of all ages can start enjoying the game as soon as they buy it. Players are completely absorbed by the zoo experience with new features such as the Zoo visitor mode, with which they can stroll and enjoy the game in first person; the Zoo Caregiver with whom players can interact with animals better than ever and a completely new photographer mode. Players can take photos of their favorite animals or visitors and share them with their friends online. New features and improvements to old features that create a Zoopedia, packed with fun and interesting information about animals


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