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Zax-The Alien Hunter is a futuristic explorer on a solitary mission of wealth acquisition when he crash lands on a hostile, uncharted planet. With his ship suffering from rampant system failures due to the crash, Zax has no choice but to try and navigate this backwater world until he can acquire the necessary resources to repair his ship and escape with his life. With no military training and only his wit and determination to sustain him, Zax relies heavily on the help of his ship s artificial intelligence, Zelon, to serve as his second set of eyes and ears and to supply him with the items he needs to survive.

He soon discovers that this is a place of ancient religion and wondrous magic and that he has but one potential ally - a downtrodden race that is desperate for help themselves. These people, known as the Korbo, live in a primitive agrarian society and worship an angry god.


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