UT2004 spidey Selection v.2.01

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Unreal Tournament 2004 spidey Selection v.2.01

# Ultra-Super-Mega-Pack for UT2004 (required to have the game previously installed).

# More than: 70 Gametypes, 400 maps, 400 mutations, 400 weapons, 100 vehicles... Incalculable combinations.
More characters, utilities, tutorials, etc ...

# All legal, all freeware: The creations of free distribution third parties that compose it are kept with all their files, including readmes and shots, distributed in the folders relevant for its proper operation.

# New version 2.0 corrected, remodeled and increased from scratch.
(Version 2.01 solved server problem).

# More complete, versatile and easy to install with multimedia me├║.

# Much more Unreal, much more fun.

# Suitable for all levels, from pr0 players to recently started players.

# Ideal for players of all kinds of games (mods for all tastes).
Perfect for lovers of "shooters" (various number of weapons, conditions and environments)
Essential for UT fans.

# Download file size 3 Gb. Unzipped size 8.5 Gb.
Total size UT2004 plus spidey Selection 13.5 Gb.

# I offer you this work as a result of hundreds of hours spent searching, preselecting, downloading, preparing, testing, new selection, personalization, compilation and finally presentation in installable format for everyone's enjoyment.


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