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I know, live, breathe, think and act like Torrente. Get fully into the skin of "The biggest police that Spain has given". Santiago Segura will once again be the star of the film that will be released on September 30, and will lend his image and voice as Torrente in the video game, fully involved in the project.

"Apatrulla" the streets of Madrid that has been spectacularly recreated in this game. Take virtual tourism in Madrid, driving or walking the main streets, totally recognizable; go to the most important monuments while you do the missions and go for a drink in the bars of the city.

The various tasks and missions of the game will determine your level of "Torrentism", which will be determined, in turn, by your level of other factors such as your "sex appeal", strength, speed, driving level, etc. You will have to advance and raise the level of these factors, so that these, in turn, raise your level of "Torrentism". By successfully completing missions and tasks, you will be rewarded with money and credits, which you can use to raise the level of TORRENTE factors or characteristics.

The game will give you complete freedom at all times and will allow you to carry out the actions and tasks whenever you want, in the order you want, and as you want to carry them out. All this will provide you with a very high freedom of action, which raises the fun levels of the game


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