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Torrente the silly arm of the Law has become the highest grossing Spanish film in history. This has prompted the launch of a second part of the stories of this peculiar character created by Santiago Segura and, how could it be less, has led to the release of the corresponding video game. Developed by Virtual Toys and distributed by Electronics Arts, OcioTotal introduces you to Torrente, the cyber arm of the Law.
Based on a "mix" of both films and on environments that develop real scenarios very broadly and accurately, Virtual Toys presents us with a Torrente caricatured in an accurate 3D arcade with which the player can assume the role of the Spanish "gross police, either in third or first person.
The game
Madrid and Barcelona serve as settings for this new and striking Torrente, a true reflection of the original. The seediest and prototypically cany of Spain today are submerged among the CdRom bits of Torrente's program the game. Fun and certainly well developed Torrente collects elements of the most cinematographic. Virtual Toys has had the invaluable collaboration of Santiago Segura both in the development of arguments (it is noted) and in the incorporation of voices with which more than a broad smile.
Game features
Following levels of gameplay in the style of Crazy Taxi O Quake, the mechanics of the game focus on action, with no possibility of interacting with other characters. The graphic engine of the Torrente program reproduces cities with a considerable appearance of life thanks to the number of citizens and vehicles that circulate.
From the very beginning of the game we began by evaluating the appropriate doses of humor with which Torrente offers us in this curious arcade. Since the implementation of the tutorial program, the absurd gags and the ramploneria that has already made the character famous, begin to filter through our audio and video.
We will start in an easily identifiable urban setting. The Torres Kio, Puerta de Europa, Plaza de Castilla or Puerta de Alcala begin to emerge on our screen serving as a backdrop to a new, more "married" torrent" if possible that of the film versions.
But perhaps the most remarkable element is that of action. Game levels of exceptional development and infrequent in Spanish video games, lead us to a frenetic game action in which the mobility of our antihero is simple and effective. The characters we will meet will be most diverse. Spectacular women sometimes armed to the teeth, thugs from three to the fourth, thieves or dangerous murderers loaded with bazzokas with whom they try to give us a displeasure. Many enemies that as the game progresses will attack in greater numbers, without order or concert and possibly without a predetermined "plan", all chaos at the service of a game whose fun is assured.
Traffic, noise, screaming, racing, ... a whole interactive world at the service of the most interesting sequel to the reviled police: macho, rude, arrogant and heartless. A sweaty and chubby Solid Snake, a "made in Spain" Croft Lara with no other curves than that of its huge belly, a 007 with more grace but less graceful, but that in any case represents perhaps a part of ourselves and that in Torrente the game is effectively entertaining and happily endearing. Requirements
Windows 95/98 / NT / 2000 / ME,
Pentium 233 or AMD K6 - 2, 32 MB RAM, 400 MB of free disk space,
CD Rom x2, Video card


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