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SPECNAZ is a First Person Tactical Shooter. The main characteristic features are the tactical-action model, which the game provides to the player, as well as giving him/her opportunities for the successful completion of missions without any limitations. Another importnant factor of the game is the Wolf, skills and services of which the player will be able to use within about 60% of the game.


* 5 campaigns (Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Myanmar) with interesting plot
* 31 various missions (8 Iran, 8 Yemen, 7 Afghanistan, 3 Uzbekistan, 6 Myanmar) - you will play in desert, jungle, towns etc.
* 2 game modes (Geroy and Tactical)
* Different environment depending on the time (night, day, early morning, late evening)
* Miscellaneous objectives (eliminating enemies, destroying buildings, retrieving documents and cargo)
* 8 weapons:
* Primary - AK 47, AS (VAL), OC-14-4A-03 - GROZA, VSS Vintorez, RPG - 18
* Secondary - STECKIN with silencer
* Explosives - Satchel charges with remote detonator
* Grenades - RGD - 5
* Realistic shooting (ballistics)
* Iron sight
* Support devices: Sat Cam view, Binocular, Compass, Night Vision - only in night missions
* Vehicles: UAZ
* LAN game mod: Death match
* Interaction with teammates from 3D view or Sat Cam view (only in Tactical mode)

System Requirements
* Pentium III 733 MHz
* 128 Mb RAM
* 16MB Graphics Card
* 900 Mb of hard disk space
* Windows 98 / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows XP
* DirectX 9


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