Saddle Up With Pippa Funnell

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Congratulations - you have just inherited your very own horse farm! But it requires extensive renovations
and your horses need care and training as you embark on your quest to become a world champion equestrian.
Solve the mystery of who is plotting for your failure and learn how to nurture and train horses for dressage,
cross-country, and show-jumping competitions.
Champion equestrian Pippa Funnell gives helpful advice along the way.


- Renovate and manage your very own horse farm: Earn the resources to acquire more horses and improve your horse farm facilities and equipment
by demonstrating your love of horses and your skill as a rider in competitions.

- Nurture your horses: Own 14 different types of horses including Andalusian, Lipizzan, Hunter, Akhal-Teke, Palomino and Friesian. Learn how to keep your horses happy, healthy, and well groomed. Proper care for your horses involves brushing, washing, shoe cleaning, feeding, keeping the stall clean, and putting your horse out to pasture for relaxation.

- Train to compete: Rigorously practice to build your horses stamina, precision and grace when show-jumping or executing complex dressage maneuvers.

- Unravel the mystery! Gather clues to determine who is attempting to foil your efforts to rebuild and maintain ownership of the farm.

- Multiplayer mode: Up to four players can participate in the competitions.

- Create a personalized horse poster: Choose a horse, select a background, and add your own text.


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