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The protagonist of this mystery adventure, Adam Raichl, a 23-year-old technician, he goes to his car with the good humor produced by knowing himself well accompanied that same night. When hitting the contact, he feels a strange prick in the colodrillo that reduces his satisfaction and accelerates thoroughly with rock music playing on his radio and the intention of being returned to his previous happiness. While a debate about the consequences of stress on the human body is already playing on the radio, Adam receives a call and that's when he is hit by a tanker.

When he wakes up in a strange cabin the first thing he sees is a strange woman of Japanese origin and an excited man who approaches him to thank him for saving him from the accident of plane where he would undoubtedly have lost his life like the rest of those who traveled with him while murmuring something about the Watergate scandal ... Yes, it seems like a crazy house but, what Adam does not know is that he is not the only one who escaped his own death. That he is not the only one who has a second chance. And he discovers how in the unusual place where different people coincide in that situation, originating from the most disparate points on the planet and appearing from different times. Not counting on the ringing of a bell with which everyone falls asleep and when they come to, they find that one of their companions has disappeared and has been replaced by a new person in the same situation as them. And with those messages scattered around what turns out to be an island and left its former owner there.

Dream or nightmare? Heaven or hell? The night is coming when the answers are already close ... will it be Adam's last night


  • Reprobates trailer cover

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