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PCDVD - Rainbox Six Lockdown [USA] [English] [CloneCD] [WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM]



GFL is a terrorist organization made up of terrorists from around the world. Its objective is the destruction of the governments of developed countries. For this they have a lethal nanotechnology virus that they intend to release at NATO headquarters in Spain to meet their objective. Only the Rainbow can avoid the massacre, but this time they are the hostages. This time it's personal.
- A new Tom Clancy story in which for the first time the Rainbow team has to fight to free some somewhat special hostages: their own teammates.
- A new AI of enemies capable, not only of repelling the Rainbow, but of ambushing and even hunting them (They can Open and Clear like the Rainbow themselves, attacking as a team!)
- Play as Chavez leading your team in traditional game mode or as the Weber sniper, in a new game mode in which your goal is to cover the team.
- Up to 5 different Multiplayer modes (2 from them offline to split screen)


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