PC Kids – Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System

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Ms Frizzle and her class are ready for their field trip to the planetarium. But this is no ordinary field trip because they are about to board the Magic School Bus.

Kids 6-10 love the Magic School Bus and the adventure comes to life in this fun-filled, fact-packed interactive science CD-ROM.

Kids begin in the classroom where they can click around to learn about the different planets. Did you know that Neptunes largest moon, Triton, rotates backwards?

Just click on the Magic School Bus. The bus grows wings and you are off on an adventure that is truly out of this world. The Friz is lost in space and you must help to find her. Explore all the planets, play games to win tokens that will give you clues. Use your clues to find out where Ms Frizzle is hiding.

On Mercury kids find the revolving planet experiment and find out how many birthdays they would have compared to earth. Kids can also cut planets in half to see what scientist think is inside, create the rings of Saturn and much more. Each planet has an experiment, arcade game, report with pictures and videos and tons of cool facts with pictures and illustrations that give kids a clear understanding.

Kids are naturally curious and the Magic School bus is the perfect way to play and learn all about the solar system.


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