Paniclo Nuclear

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Minimum requirements:
W98 / ME / 2000 / XP
PII 450 MHz
128 MB RAM
DirectX 8.0
16 MB accelerator card (does not support Voodoo cards)

On New Year's Eve a gang of renegade militiamen from the western hills of Virginia hijacks a television station and from there makes their requests known. The HRT, the FBI hostage rescue team, comes to the scene to take charge of the situation. But this will only be the beginning of a chain of events that will take the team from the mountains of western Virginia to the gold mines of South Africa, and from the deserts of the Middle East to the riches of Austria. The future of the free world is in jeopardy and terrorists have the most destructive man-made weapon. He leads the anti-terror team on eleven dangerous missions across the planet. As team commander, you must lead your unit into the heat of battle to fulfill your mission: eliminate dangerous terrorists, plant bombs, destroy illegal weapons warehouses, and rescue hostages. They will respond to your orders and your leadership in combat. 11 missions in realistic environments around the world. An action packed plot that links to the novel and the movie. Developed by the creators of the award-winning game series Tom Clancys Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six. Multiple difficulty settings and one level of training. Simple interface that immerses the player fully in action. Use the latest in anti-terrorist weapons: 15 types of assault weapons, bursts, fragmentation grenades... Six dedicated multiplayer areas at Competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode support, including classic and new types of solo and team play


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