Nibiru El Mensajero De Los Dioses

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Professor Wilde sits at his table in his office and reviews last week's press summary. There are several news that interest you. He has spent over 20 minutes working on his computer and several books on one of those news stories. Professor Wild picks up the phone and dials a number.
Martin Holan is Czech. Thanks to the help of his uncle Professor Wild has studied archeology and linguistics in France. His uncle just asked him to take a little trip home to Bohemia. Martin Holan must meet in Prague with a friend of his uncle who will give him permission for the archaeologist to enter the newly discovered German tunnel.
A trip to his father's land and a simple prospecting of a German tunnel suddenly became a story full of unexpected events. Martin will gradually face the greatest adventure of his life. The harmless journey to wonderful Prague will be transformed into a dangerous search for an ancient alien civilization whose tracks had been hidden by time. It all started in World War II when the Germans, in their search for definitive weapons and inexhaustible resources, found the first fragments of ancient secrets. During his incredible journey from Prague to the dark interiors of the Mayan pyramids, Martin will peek into the mirror of the past. You will also find that it is not just him and his uncle who are looking for these secrets


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