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Mythic Blades is a visually breath-taking entertainment title which places the player in the role of Legendary Hero or Terrifying Monster during combat to determine the fate of the Olympus. Ares has challenged his father; if Ares wins, he will take over Zeus place and rule over the Olympus - but the battle does not take place there. Instead it will be fought between Man and Monster.

Game Features:
• 12 legendary characters, taken straight from Greek Mythology including Perseus, Jason and Medusa.
• 11 Arenas to test your skills.
• 3D arenas with camera control.
• Visually stunning models, backgrounds and special effects created in a beautiful artistic style.
• 4 skill levels in the single player game.
• Watch each character’s story unfold in single player or challenge a friend in versus combat.

• Processor: 600 MHz
• Ram: 64 MB
• Video Card: 32 Mb 100% OpenGL compatible
• Win 98/ME/2000/XP
• Directx7 or higher
• HD Space: 100 Mbytes
• CD/DVD-ROM player


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