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Microsoft Flight Simulator Cargo Pilot [English][PC][WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM]



Can you handle this Cargo Pilot takes you through the life of a hard-pressed Cargo Pilot flying your way through a career starting at small desolate strips with single-engined aircraft and moving up to international operations with massive jets! Cargo Pilot gives you a structured career in the world of Air Cargo, from flying chickens in and out of Jungle strips to moving racing cars around the World in the 747 Freighter... but, Big Brother is watching you! You will need to fly and operate in a safe and on-time fashion to ensure that you progress onwards and upwards failure to do so and a life of being stuck in the jungle awaits you! Run your own air freight company. Open bases around the world to increase the range of your operations. Buy new, bigger aircraft to fly more cargo on longer routes. Beginning as a small start-up in a disused Cargo Container as office you can soon become an international player in the business and even your office will improve during the course of the simulation.


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