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MechCommander 2
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FASA's Battletech universe began as a relatively dark board game, and has since evolved into one of the most respected series for PC. MechCommander was the first to show us the Mechs war from another perspective, taking us out of the cabin of these machinery to place us in command of the headquarters.
MechCommander 2 will present considerable improvements over the original. For starters, the game will feature a fully 3D engine, which will reflect the role that terrain elevation plays in fighting. And the old structuring of the original's missions will be removed, which will present a much deeper campaign.

Battletech is an interesting universe, and with MechCommander 2 we will have the possibility to control the most impressive machinery. MechCommander was a good game, despite mission failures and its confusing interface.
Microsoft is in charge of the FASA license and promises a much more accessible and intense experience. By concentrating on tactical combat and neglecting puzzles, you will achieve interesting results


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