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Why did Inspector Travis need the help of the best known of detectives?. Was the murder of the famous MIT investigator related to the studies of Professor Eulemberg?. Were Martin Mystere's dreams a premonition of a tragic and inhuman event? An event that could affect the fine line that separates life and death?

A phone call, the murder of a famous investigator ...

Thus begins this graphic adventure. This metamorphosis of events that reach the limit of knowledge ... hidden secrets ... nightmares.

A calculating mind, intelligence and responsibility are the main assets of the famous detective Martin Mystere, his assistant Diana and his loyal friend Java. Intriguing adventures, puzzles to solve and places to explore.

From the streets of New York and through terrifying and incredible places, Detective Master Martin Mystere will meet intriguing characters, old friends, unusual women, stubborn and dangerous criminal police officers.

This adventure is inspired by Operation Dorian Gray, created by Alfredo Castelli.

Available from Friendware in PC CD-ROM format with texts and voices in Spanish


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