Las Cronicas De Narnia

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The brilliant literary work is on the way to becoming a great success of cinema thanks to an excellent work done by the production company Walt Disney who despite the recent loss of Pixar (the Incredibles, Toy Story) seem to stay in better shape than ever, The Chronicles will also reach our PCs.

The game is a complete visual and technical waste (such as the movie). Designs have taken a huge variety of graphic effects out of their sleeves to represent what is seen on the screen in a totally faithful way, a true spectacle for our eyes.

The gameplay will combine intense modes of action with quite fun puzzle resolution, battles will be the key point in this video game where each of the characters will demonstrate their skills thanks to intuitive gameplay.

The sound section will be traced to the film showing a completely enveloping atmosphere thanks to the solid representation of the scenarios.

The literary Chronicles are here to stay, It is laro that we will see fun sequels based on each of the fantastic stories and with deliveries that exceed the quality that can be seen in the video game, your arrival will be absolutely welcome


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