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The Korean War is one of the bloodiest conflicts of the last century. Some 4 millions of people died. Approximate figures are 2 millions of Korean civilians and one and a half million communist soldiers (Nor Koreans and Chinese), 400,000 South Korean soldiers, and 35,000 US and allied soldiers.

The Korean War broke out on June 25, 1950 in the morning, when North Korean troops invaded South Korea. The ceasefire is dated July 27, 1953, when the armistice was signed.

This war had no winners or losers, and ended as it began, at the 38th parallel that divides the peninsula into two halves. In fact, today we still live in a climate of repressed hostility.

North Korean and Chinese forces numbered about 2.5 million men, while on the other side, under the banner of the united nations, approximately one million soldiers participated. These men came from the US, Australia, Great Britain, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Colombia, Turkey, Ethiopia, South Africa, Greece, the Philippines, and Thailand


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