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Its main characteristics are those of not having to worry about building anything, since cities, forts and other buildings are already located, our main task being to manage them properly. Although we will not build, there will be other tasks, such as organizing resources (soldiers' food, including), or charting marketing routes, much needed throughout the game. Another detail that differentiates this game from most RTS are the heroes, thanks to these characters we will be able to regroup warrior formations, assign tactical provisions to them.
As for the debutant civilizations of Carthage, the use of Carthaginian elephants or their ability to choose troops directly from the metropolis, and from the Iberians, the sorcerers, guerrillas (become invisible) and their ability to gain experience over time.
And of course, the product also has network play and fast games, where we can delight in different types of civilizations.

System requirements:
Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP; processor
Pentium at 800 MHz or Athlon (equivalent);
256 MB in minimum RAM
video: 32 MB VRAM


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