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The war continues ...
The plot continues the apocalyptic dynamics of clashes against terrorists in the post-Cold War stage. Topical like him alone, places you in the character of David Jones, ex-of the SAS and located in a kind of "Foundation by law and order" called IGI (Institute of geotactics and intelligence). Thus, David must combat all kinds of threats to world peace, such as Russian, Korean, Iraqi, and other Socialist Democrats. For this, he has the invaluable help of Rebbeca Anya, his contact at the IGI, and Pat Lenehan, Republican senator of intransigent ideas. To bring more realism to the game, he has the participation of an ‘ex’ from the SAS (happily converted to a ‘best-seller’ writer), named Chris Rian. This has served to concretize certain realistic details of the game and take into account his experiences on the battlefield (he survived a pickle in Iraq in 1991).

The mission
IGI2 is an infiltration simulator in the classical tradition: you start with the isolated character near the entrance to the compound and, Using the map (a little cumbersome) and the visibility indicator (new in the sequel), you should dodge the greatest of international terrorism. The I.A. It has been greatly improved, creating patrols against the player for their search and capture. Aside from classic control devices like cameras and radars (this time destroyable ...), which Jones must elegantly dodge. These missions are linked together through video scenes with slightly expressionless Spanish subtitles, but which adapt to the aesthetics of the game.

The morning mist
It is not a graphic revolution IGI2, since it contrasts a high fill-rate with mediocre textures and effects on the scale. The textures are not of poor quality but excessively repetitive; not surprisingly, it is true that a game of these characteristics does not require more, but seeing the latest PC games (Max Payne 2 ...) they stay at half gas. In effects it is more competent, being the classic dynamic effects of light and other paraphernalia. The framerate is stable in the 30s given the number of polygons that the game moves (something rare on PC), however, it suffers from various pawns possibly derived from the non-optimization of the sound system (when you are going to fire a shot... It seems as if the sound is not loaded or has to be loaded). It is a competent but in no case revolutionary section.


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