Horror Villa 恐怖撤锁

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About This Game

This game is based on my experience of playing independent horror games for many years. This game has more horror plots than many similar works. Even if I debug the game step by step from the perspective of developers, I will still feel horrified. Since the process of game ontology is not too long for the first time, I added a link with higher playability to the part after the game was cleared. This is definitely a horror game worth playing. I hope all players will like it.( I u I )
After purchasing this game, you will receive:
1. About 30 minutes of intense and exciting adventure in horror villa
2. A gripping story
3. Unique experience of racing on the track with a female ghost
4. Cool cool cool explosion magic

Some instructions and some tips:
The archive location is recommended after picking up the key to prevent bugs.
It's not a bug to move faster while squatting. According to the plot, we can know that the hero moves faster while squatting, and at the same time, it provides a quick way for players to move.
The key tips for racing are in the document above the wall of the house.
Opening the settings in the game may lead to the situation that the settings interface cannot be closed, which can be solved by saving the game and reloading it. Since I can't find this bug in my own test, please send me an email ([email protected]) if you know the 100% trigger method, and I will send the activation code of other games ! Thank you.

System Requirements


    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM

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  • Horror Villa 恐怖撤锁 trailer cover

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