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History Channel Monster Quest [English][PC][WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM]



Giant footprints in the forest, too big to be human but clearly two feet and not belonging to a typical forest creature. As a trained investigator, you've seen this before - those prints are on the files you've been studying along with testimonials that say they are supposedly from a mythical creature. Could this be proof enough to demonstrate that the creature really exists or is it just another element of a great prank?

The successful series The History Channel comes to life on his PC with Monster Quest. Join the team as a junior researcher, interested in tracing some of the most famous creatures of myths and legends in history. Regardless of whether you are conducting experiments in the laboratory, searching for clues in the field, or tracking detailed files, it is your decision to determine if these elusive creatures are real, fictional, or fraud. Solve puzzles and complete challenging tasks in your search for truth. With its intelligence and enthusiastic research skills, the world will finally know if these legendary creatures are real or figures in the collective human imagination


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