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The monuments of the ancient world are virtually brought back to life in Lost Worlds, a fantastic History Channel series that combines historical expertise and computer generated imagery to restore ancient structures to their original condition. Just as the packaging promises, this riveting 13 part series allows viewers to explore the past rebuilt in stunning detail, following a format as richly educational as it is visually impressive. The 50 minute episodes are loosely grouped by historical epoch, beginning with the Christian emphasis of disc 1, with episodes focusing on the Knights Templar (showing the virtual reconstruction of the city of Tortosa), Jesus Jerusalem (focusing on Herods temple Mount, the Via Dolorosa, and other places where Jesus traveled), and The First Christians, in which the cities of Tarsus and Ephesus are studied and rebuilt, along with the mysterious cave dwellings of Cappadocia, where some of the earliest Christian churches were built. Disc 2 moves to ancient Greece and Egypt, where new theories connect the remains of a Cretan temple to the lost city of Atlantis; Ramses Egyptian Empire shows us brilliant revivals of the temples of Karnak and Abu Simbel; and Athens: Ancient Supercity focuses on 5th century B.C. Greek structures like the Parthenon and the Senate.


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