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Pc-Hegemony includes CRAK
Hegemony moves us to the year 2104, where humanity has abandoned the comfort and safety of Mother Earth to populate the inhospitable confines of the solar system in search of a better life for future generations. After many years of arduous colonization, these future generations live in totally self-sufficient colonies, without the need for terrestrial resources to survive.

Of course, Earthlings do not like this independence from the settlers and constantly press with political and economic sanctions, that the government of Mars, the main human colony, take as direct assaults. Everything indicates that humanity will face another war of independence, but this time on a planetary level with the humans of Mars against terrestrial humans. But perhaps a threat to the species can unite humanity ...

In this turbulent world of the future, we will be able to choose a military career within several factions: Earth humans, Martian humans and two alien races that have not yet been fully revealed and may not be initially available. Each side will have technologies and units different from the rest, in addition to sinle-player campaigns with totally unique stories and missions, adding a lot of replayability.

Texts and voices in English

Minimum requirements: PIII-600, 192MB RAM, 16MB 3D accelerator.
Recommended: PIII-1000, 256MB RAM, 32MB 3D accelerator


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