Grand Order Mahjong v1.0

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Torrent Galaxy


Play mahjong with these servants.
Win the match to undress and have H with them!
(* Male characters won't undress)

Use servants' skills wisely to take imitative in the mahjong game!
You will get not only H but also your fellow members by winning a match!

You can grow servants who are on your side so that
you will attain various cheating skills.
Careful preparation is recommended before challenging strong enemies!

Auto play mode is available for mahjong beginners!

Enjoy this undressing (ero) mahjong game with a huge volume of 40 characters!

Game Modes:
- VS Characters: Normal match with a single opponent. Comes with full of H scenes!
- Special Match: Team match with multiple servants. Also with H scenes.
- Phantom Holy Grail War: For growing fellow members. Get the Holy Grail to strengthen servants!
- Four Players: Normal mahjong game without cheating.

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