Fifa World Cup Germania 2006

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Fifa World Cup Germania 2006



EA SPORTS celebrates the largest sporting event in the world with the only video game based on the official license of the FIFA 2006 football world cup.
FIFA 2006 World Cup perfectly captures the emotion and passion of the only competition that ignites the most felt rivalries in the world, giving you the chance to play with national heroes and eventually win the coveted World Cup!
Take sides of your national team and check your favorite players starting from qualifying until the perfect virtual reproduction of the final phase in Germany.
EA Sports has perfectly reproduced the biggest superstars. Their real skills, typical exultations, style of play and their talent have been captured and inserted into the game in an absolutely realistic way. Playability improvements, such as more advanced penalty management, make this game the most realistic and playable simulation of football on the market.
FIFA 2006 World Cup introduces a new game mode called Global Challenge, which will test even the most hardened players. Global Challenge offers, in fact, the opportunity to relive 40 of the most famous moments in the history of the FIFA football world cup. Compare your results with the story and compare with the best in the world.
Choose one of the 127 national teams present and face your friends in multiplayer challenges up to 8 players. Track your results in the "The Lounge" section, climb the leaderboard and prove to be the best!
In the 2006 FIFA World Cup, the only official game of the 2006 German World Cup, EA SPORTS included many unlockable content including some legendary players from the past and exclusive clothing.
Play with your heroes and win the 2006 FIFA World Cup in stores since April 2006


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