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Diva X Ariana [English][PC][WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM]



We are facing an interactive adventure that is almost closer to a virtual reality program.

As a monographic theme, we are introduced to an explosive woman named Ariana. It will reveal all its secrets to us throughout this cd-rom.

In 1st place, we will be able to see a video presentation of Ariana herself, in which she tells us how well we are going to have a time with her.

The 2nd option is to see a video in which we will be the protagonists of an appointment with Ariana, from our meeting in a hotel hall to ...

In the third option, we will be able to see a photographic book of Ariana, with her most explosive photographs.

And if all this seems good to you, I must tell you that you have not done anything but start yet.

In the following option, we will exploit the resources of the TFUI interface and enter a virtual environment in which we can order Ariana to do what we ask, to us or to herself; all this is liable to be recorded in a file for later viewing.

In short, a great product that could be improved with a more advanced video compression system, since Indeo produces light blurred areas


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