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He runs an empire full of neon tables and lights. Use your influences with the mob or show that you can make your fortune without resorting to dubious methods.
Build 8 authentic casinos choose the theme of your casino: Egypt, Rock & amp; Roll, or anything else
Play in tournaments. Take a place at the blackjack table in your own casino and challenge your clientele in exciting games.
Fight against rival casinos. Make your thugs pop their safes or send spies and people to catch their customers and employees.
Manage all aspects of your business. Set wages and prices to maximize your profits.

Bring on the daunts and fill the casino. Keep your buffet always full for the groups of hungry people who are arriving.
Alcohol has made them think that Cupid has touched them with his arrow. Have the happy couple go through the vicar before they change their minds.
have your gorillas kick out the cheats.
Windows System requirements:

or Windows 98/2000 / Me / XP.
o PC with 300 Mhz or higher Intel compatible processor.
o 64 MB of RAM
or 500 MB of free hard disk space.
or 100 MB of free swap space.
o Video card supporting 800 x 600 resolution @ 16 bit color.
o Quad speed Cd-Rom drive.
o Microsoft mouse or compatible poting device.
o Audio board with speakers or headphones.
o DirectX 7.0 or higher (included)


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