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This 3D game basically consists of following the

steps of 5 girls around town, like isolated stories. According to the power of your graphics card

you will have a better perspective of what happens during these persecutions. All girls

they have 3 endings, they are basically summarized in: they run away from you, fall in love with you or rape them.

In the first case, when the girl realizes your presence, she will escape without remedy. Also

it may be the case that you chase her effectively, and when you reach her to speak

with it, do not gather the necessary elements to achieve your objective.

In the second case, during the chase we will find elements that help our

final goal, 3 for each girl. Each of them will interact in some way with

each girl, even in the third case, rape.

The hentai scenes in the game combine between static 2D images and sequential 3D images. In

the latter give us the freedom to move the camera to see it from the angle that most


But let's do the interesting thing, how to gather all the elements with each girl:

Reona - A well-defined brown-haired girl who works in a video store. We can follow your

ponytail (1B-2B-3B) until you decide to go out with her (4A) or rape her in a park (4B) and that the

police stop you.

Satsuki - A blonde with green eyes fond of manga. Following this pajamas (1B-2B-3A)

we will obtain one of two surprises, a consensual act (4A) or a happy death after its violation


Rika - In my opinion this long-haired brunette is the one who plays the best, she is one of the most

complicated to follow, it must be pq works in a sex shop. So as not to get ahead of the end (which

it has a trick ...) we must follow it even if initially we do not get all the objects

(1A-2A-3A-4A-5A), after that we can either use it in the sex shop (6A) or rape it in

the park (6B) after which the police will prey on us again.

Yuko - She is an employee in your father's business, with suspicious activity according to what

you discover on a visit to the office where he works. He has blue eyes and has hair up,

she's the oldest girl in the game. Taken the first track (1A-1B), we can follow it (2A-3B-4B) to a

abandoned warehouse, (5A) with the tests in hand you reach a pleasant agreement, while (5B)

if you decide to surprise her you can rape her without retaliation (6A).

Yakoi - A young athlete crosses your fifth comic while training in the park. It is

a not very formed girl with short hair and red hair. As we run after her on the

park we can discover (1B-2C-3A), until we reach it by consuming the game (4A) with the approval

of both, or forcing it (4B) without jeopardizing our skin

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