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A good platform game about the famous Gauls, not too difficult level, varied levels and not too long duration, the graphics are quite good, they are not the last scream but they are more than acceptable.
There are scenarios where you can slide on top of obelix like a sled, a very typical screen in platform games since the great Super Mario 64 invented it.
The mission of this game is to rescue the villagers from the town who have been kidnapped by Cesar, This one has broken his big map and every time you rescue a villager he will give you a piece of it that you can go to, but I am very pissed off at the end of this game in Rome, the difficulty was not very difficult until this area, first we have to fight 1000 Romans, then 200, 300 and 400, and in the last cell against 1500, this seemed to me that they have put it to screw because it seems impossible to me, I have become desperate and then you have to start again when they kill you, you don't know how much it fucks hitting you for hours until you get to that cell and they kill you right away because it is the most difficult and they put more soldiers in you than they kill you right away. I have not found tricks or anything to help me pass this cage so if someone finds them for the PS2 to communicate it to you, I will be eternally grateful to you, what rage it gives to have to stop in front and not be able to pass the game through a cage and kick his ass


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