Aggression Reign Over Europe

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Aggression Reign Over Europe [English][PCDVD][WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM]


Aggression Reign Over Europe [MULTI5][PCDVD][WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM]



Aggression - Reign Europe brings the player
Opportunity to write again the darkest story of the old
Continent. Between the years 1914 1950, and all women
The man turned into murders and the victims into the most horrible wars
Suffered humanity and that now there is an opportunity to do
Different things.

This title takes you to the limit of the real-time strategy,
Thanks to a graphics engine that can support hundreds of
Units detailed in action, at the same time, 100% in 3D
Scenario where each building is built on the basis of
Hundreds of polygons and where special effects
Show that they have not been seen before in games of the
Same gender.

Choose a nation between Germany, France, Russia or
England and become more powerful and more by the way that
Decide: diplomacy, weapons, infantry ... You can do the
Other nations fighting for you, or focus on strengthening
Your army or being the first to develop the atomic bomb
(And enjoy the incredible nuke explosions effects that our
Only motor offers). Never the chances of making history
They were so spectacular

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