Tari Z Data Exfiltration Threats and Prevention Techniques 2023

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Tari Z. Data Exfiltration Threats and Prevention Techniques...2023

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Data Exfiltration Threats and Prevention Techniques Comprehensive resource covering threat prevention techniques for data exfiltration and applying machine learning applications to aid in identification and prevention.
Data Exfiltration Threats and Prevention Techniques provides readers the knowledge needed to prevent and protect from malware attacks by introducing existing and recently developed methods in malware protection using AI, memory forensic, and pattern matching, presenting various data exfiltration attack vectors and advanced memory-based data leakage detection, and discussing ways in which machine learning methods have a positive impact on malware detection.
Providing detailed descriptions of the recent advances in data exfiltration detection methods and technologies, the authors also discuss details of data breach countermeasures and attack scenarios to show how the reader may identify a potential cyber attack in the real world.
Composed of eight chapters, this book presents a better understanding of the core issues related to the cyber-attacks as well as the recent methods that have been developed in the field.
Data Security Threats
Use Cases Data Leakage Attacks
Survey on Building Block Technologies
Behavior-Based Data Exfiltration Detection Methods
Memory-Based Data Exfiltration Detection Methods
Temporal-Based Data Exfiltration Detection Methods

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