Polyzos G Processing Hands-on with Apache Flink 2023

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Polyzos G. Stream Processing. Hands-on with Apache Flink 2023


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Get onboard this journey into the land of streams. This is a complete hands-on book about Apache Flink, that follows real-life use cases and will help you learn how to create scalable end-to-end stream processing pipelines.
This is a complete hands-on book about Apache Flink.
The book follows real-life use cases and you will learn how to create end-to-end stream processing pipelines.
We will be using Redpanda and Apache Kafka - along with other technologies - so an understanding of Apache Kafka and Redpanda concepts like topics/partitions and producers/consumers is nice to have.
Apache Flink is the defacto solution when it comes to low-latency stream processing, but its unified API allows also for historic data processing with no code changes.
Moreover, Flink is proven in production at an extremely large scale and it also has a rich ecosystem with a bright future ahead.
The book is designed to teach you the theory and the practicals as fast as possible. The reader should be able to get from zero to production-ready applications fast with enough practice on the concepts introduced in the book, along with having enough knowledge to debug and troubleshoot when things go wrong.
Typically, streaming architectures can include:
• Streaming Layers like Apache Kafka, Redpanda and Apache Pulsar
• Stream Processing Engines like Apache Flink
• Realtime Analytical Data Stores like Apache Pinot, Clickhouse and StarRocks
• Datalake Table Formats like Apache Paimon and Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake
… and more.
Streams and Tables
Watermarks &amp Windows
Streaming Joins
User Defined Functions
The Datastream API
Fault Tolerance
State Backends
Monitoring and Troubleshooting

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