Magne J The 10 Commandments of Python Programming A Practical Reference 2022

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Magne J. The 10 Commandments of Python Programming. A Practical Reference...2022

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The Ten Commandments of Python Programming” are required reading for anyone learning Python. It covers the ten most important issues that any beginner Python programmer should be aware of, which I refer to as the “10 Commandments.” You’ll find all of the key functions and syntax breakdowns you’ll need to get started in a fun, easy-to-digest format. This cheat sheet will help you get started, whether you are new to Python or an experienced programmer. This comprehensive manual covers the fundamentals, such as variables, loops, and functions. Thanks to the list of helpful reference cheat sheets included, you can quickly and easily search for the various Python methods and syntax. This manual will make it simple and quick for you to learn Python

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