BBC R4 Production - George Orwell's 'Down and Out In Paris and London

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BBC R4 - Down & Out In Paris & London


BBC R4 George Orwell's 'Down and Out In Paris and London'
Adapted by PG Morgan
Produced by Steve Cammy
Part 1 Broadcast April 22, 2007
Part 2 Broadcast April 29, 2007
Coded from tape at 128/44.1

Living on scraps, lies and hope, Old Etonian roughs it in Paris and London.

Bad though these streets are, they have improved in the thirty years since
Jack London's 'People of the Abyss'.

Sam Dale
Jim Norton
John Dougall
Stephen Greif
Claire Vousden
Rachel Bavidge
Jasmine Callan
Samuel Barnett
Trevor Peacock
Naomi Frederick
Anthony Glennon

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