BBC R3 Production - Flann O'Brien's 'At Swim Two Birds

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BBC R3 - At Swim Two Birds


BBC R3 - Flann O'Brien's 'At Swim Two Birds'
Adapted by Eric Ewens
Technical presentation Jock Farrell
Directed by Ronald Mason
Broadcast 1979
Coded from tape at 128/44.1
Thanks to AuntAdaDoom for this file

Dublin. Mid 1930s. Myles is a character in a novel
in which most of the action takes place in his mind.
Myles falls out with the author, and the characters
then rebel. For example; a louche couple run away
to settle down and open a country post office.

Sounds weird. But it all makes sense once the premise
is accepted.

A good adaption of a fine novel.

Myles - Niall Buggy
Pooka - Patrick Magee
Uncle - Patrick McAlinney
Tipster/Lamont - Sean Barrett
Conan/Moling - David Blake Kelly
Jesuit/Sweeney - Allan McClelland
Finn/Trellis - Denys Hawthorne
Kelly/Casey - Harry Webster
Brinsley - Jim Norton
Shanahan - Kevin Flood
Furriskey - Donal McCann
Ronan/Corcoran - Alan Barry
Bryne/Tracey - Wesley Murphy
Cow - Elizabeth Morgan
Orlick - Tom McCabe
Fairy - Kate Binchy

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