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Waking Up Course

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A new operating system for your mind.
Waking Up isn’t just another meditation app.

Discover the true purpose of meditation.
Go beyond simple relaxation techniques and experience the freedom of real mindfulness—without any New Age fluff.

Understand why you’re practicing.
Don’t just meditate. Understand the theory of mindfulness, with the best of ancient wisdom pressure-tested by modern science.

Live an examined, fulfilling life.
Listen to lessons and conversations on Stoicism, effective altruism, sleep, psychedelics research, and more.

Understand Your Mind, Step-by-Step
Learn the fundamentals of mindfulness from Sam Harris—neuroscientist, author, and creator of Waking Up—as he also guides you into the deep end of meditation.

Practice with Top Teachers
Our highly curated library of guided meditations means you’ll only ever hear from practitioners we trust.

A Place for Serious Seekers
Explore thought-provoking conversations and lessons on life’s most important questions—free from religious dogma.

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